Is ReActiv8 Right For Me?

ReActiv8 is designed to provide therapy for people whose lives are significantly impacted by chronic low back pain. The first step in evaluating if ReActiv8 is right for you is to talk with a back pain specialist.

ReActiv8 therapy may be considered as an option if the following describes your situation:

1 – I have had back pain for more than 3 months and it is affecting my ability to function.

2 – I have not had back surgery and my doctor told me it is not for me.

3 – I have completed an expert guided exercise program and continue to be impaired by low back pain.

4 – I am motivated to explore a new option.

ReActiv8 is CE marked for the treatment of chronic low back pain and available for sale in Europe. Mainstay Medical is prohibited from providing medical information directly to individuals. Please contact your personal physician to address questions concerning your individual health situation. More information about ongoing studies and participating sites can be found here link opens in a new window.